Improving Your Game!

When watching soccer most people wonder how long it took for a player to become so good with their feet!  Fact, most people are very reliant on their hands and this is why the game of soccer is very unique.  It can be very confusing to a player just starting out to not reach down and grab the ball by instinct.  This is why starting soccer at an early age can definitely be very beneficial.  Because youngsters are not yet fully capable of using their hands to their full potential they are not as likely to feel that awkward feeling of just using their feet.  Whether you are a mature individual just starting soccer or you want to add some drills for your child to try it is never too late to improve and start your game.  Soccer is a high paced sport.  Being physically fit is one of the highest recommendations for playing soccer.  Practicing by doing fast sprints can get your heart rate up like it will most likely be on game day.  If you know your primary foot, try to do more drills with your other foot.  Knowing how to use both feet for dribbling and shooting can up your game substantially!  If you are just starting for fun, soccer can be very competitive.  Do not beat yourself up if you are not the fastest or scoring all the goals.  Keep in mind it takes years to master the sport.  One thing for sure, is you will probably get more fit in a short amount of time than years in the gym.  Warming up before games is crucial.  Make sure to show up at least 30 minutes before game time to stretch.  Stretching before games enable you to run faster and less likely to get injured from over extending your muscles.  Each week practicing a few new drills should be on your to do list.  Maneuvering the ball in numerous different ways will help with your dribbling and passing confidence.  Once you get comfortable with these techniques your game should be improved significantly!

Improve your game